A 7 year old asked his Dad, “Daddy, why don’t Marmite advertise by saying they’re better than honey?”

Good point.

Carlsberg recently brought out this advert:

Although their statistics are based on research, whenever companies market their products by putting another down, my mind begs the question, ‘What are you hiding?’.

I either want to pick apart their research or take a closer look at the competitor (after all, surely they chose their biggest threat).

I kind of feel the same about politics. It seems that whatever question a politician gets asked, the answer is, “Well ,we certainly wouldn’t be so foolish as to emulate that party. They promised this and you got that, they changed that and this happened…”

Does that answer the question? Does that make people like or trust you?

Probably not. Maybe politicians could learn a thing or two from Marmite: whether you love it or hate it, at least they’re leaving honey out of it.