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The ‘Great Campaign’ is our campaign to help create healthier and happier communities. Everything that we do day-in, day-out has purpose and impacts on the health and wellbeing of people.

This month we share our Painkillers Don’t Exist campaign which has hit the headlines, and we give you a sneak peek at a new brand identity for suicide prevention work. We also invite you to have your say about local health campaigns.

We are always ready for new challenges, so if you have a behaviour change or wellbeing campaign brief you’d like to discuss, then do get in touch.

Painkillers Don’t Exist Campaign hits national news

Our campaigns often help create the news! But, when the headlines of the day are tackling the issues our campaigns are designed to support, we have to move fast!

That’s exactly what we did this month when the front pages of two national newspapers lead with the story that NICE had announced new draft guidelines surrounding the need to reduce the levels of prescription pain medication. is a campaign launched in Sunderland last year, and is rolling out to further CCGs currently. Its original aim was to raise awareness of high dose, long-term painkiller dependency.

Magpie seized the opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of Sunderland and County Durham to drastically reduce prescriptions of high dose, highly addictive opioid pain medication. Delivering exclusives on BBC 6 O’Clock News and 10 O’Clock News, along with a full article in The Times. Further coverage will be delivered locally and nationally with enquiries from several news outlets that we’re working with to deliver feature-length articles.

The Big Thank You campaign boosts morale

We were thrilled that Leeds NHS CCG commissioned us to run the Big Thank You campaign for a second year from December – June, with the focus remaining on recognising and celebrating the support of services, teams and individuals across the city. The campaign ran at a time when typically services are often over-stretched and struggling, and general morale can be quite low. Using a mixture of organic and paid for social media, face-to-face events, and outdoor advertising, it generated over 133.4K total social media impressions and thousands of heartfelt messages like this one from Liz McKechnie “Thanks so much to @PrinceHenrysGS for some amazing scrubs! Really cheered everyone up. Thank you!”

This year’s campaign happened at an especially challenging time, with the impact of COVID-19 putting additional pressure on our frontline workers. The people of Leeds have been keen to express their gratitude, our Big Thank You gallery is a great way for Leeds to celebrate those people going above and beyond to keep our services running and our public safe and well.

Our gallery was filled with hundreds of thank yous for all the wonderful things happening around Leeds, you can see them all here. It’s never too late to submit your own!

‘Great Minds’: a new suicide prevention initiative

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership has an ambitious suicide prevention strategy, including a commitment to find ways of supporting men who may be at greater risk of self-harm and suicide. We recently worked with an inspiring group of men, with lived experiences, to sensitively co-create a new name and identity that will be adopted for this work.

Great Minds is a celebration of all minds across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, reminding everyone about the need to work together and invest in their mental fitness.

Headed up by The Partnership’s Suicide Prevention project team, workers are mapping out and linking up sources of support across West Yorkshire and Harrogate so that men can get the help they need, when they need it. They will also be offering groups to teach mental fitness for up to 600 men in across the area, working closely with State of Mind Sport who draw on their own lived experiences. The new brand is being used as part of series of videos, events and engagement activities, with a longer term view.

Have your say and influence local health campaigns

We are committed to using local insight to inform our behaviour change interventions for our clients and we have a range of surveys currently live. We would love it if you could take part and share these surveys which will help to shape health campaigns and services (and in some cases raise money for local charities).

Yorkshire Wellbeing Check-in

Your health and accessing NHS Leeds services

Your health and accessing NHS services in Yorkshire

Cervical Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Screening

Bowel Cancer Screening

Living well survey

JU:MP Summer Programme, dinosaur hunting and chalk walks

The JU:MP movement, supported by Magpie’s social marketing, are continuing to pave the way for healthier lifestyles. We’ve added lots of NEW activities to our JU:MP Summer Programme to inspire Bradford families to go outside and play. We will be continually updating the site for families to enjoy moving outside, safely! Families in Bradford can visit to see what the activities are and how to book.

If you live or work in Bradford please let families you know that they can leave their details on the website to keep informed with what’s happening locally.

Families and their children can find dinosaurs and fairies in both Lister park and Peel park. JU:MP have teamed up with local groups and Bradford Council’s Parks team, to launch Love Exploring. The app gives the opportunity for people to learn more about the parks whilst hunting for dinosaurs and fairies.

There are chalk markings on the pavements around Lister park, Lower Grange and Peel park. Fun journeys have been mapped to encourage different types of movement, such as jumping, balancing and hopping. The route also includes letters for families to find a hidden word clue or to count the number of dinosaur footprints, which they can send to the JU:MP team to be placed in a prize draw!

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