In our latest blog, I&I Team Journalist Jake takes a look back at the launch of ‘Looking out for our neighbours’ and the success of the campaign so far.

Looking out for our neighbours is a campaign that aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation across West Yorkshire and Harrogate by encouraging people to do their bit to help out their neighbours.

Making sure the campaign was co-created by both the client (West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership) and residents across West Yorkshire and Harrogate was essential so during our insight phrase we spoke to over 100 people in communities across the region. It was important for them that the campaign would encourage a sense of community, and we used this insight to create the campaign identity and helpful neighbour packs. The audience wanted a pack that would everyone could relate to, and that would encourage a sense of community within their area. Our project team responded by creating a bold and colourful pack, with helpful tips on how to approach your neighbours, start conversations and just look out for them generally. Features included neighbour cards to let your neighbours know that you’re there for them, and a wall planner to plan out any visits to see them or things you can help someone with.

Since launching on the 14th of March at Emerald Headingley Stadium with the support of the Leeds Rhinos and the Jo Cox Loneliness Foundation, the campaign has been extremely well received, with over 3,000 visits to the site, 363 downloads of the neighbourpack and hundreds of community organisations, charities and health care professionals getting it trending on social media. Along with this, Looking out for our neighbours has featured in a wide range of local media including BBC Radio Leeds and The Yorkshire Post, with HeartFM also becoming an official supporter for the campaign.

Looking out for our neighbours is set to make a positive impact on the lives of residents across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, and has the potential to make a difference nationally. With The Great Get Together coming up this summer, encouraging community events to take place during the weekend of Jo Cox’s birthday, we hope this will be a chance to celebrate new friendships formed as a result of the neighbours campaign. Co-created with the communities it is aimed at, Looking out for our neighbours is a perfect fit with our vision of creating healthier and happier communities.

Find out what you can do to look out for your neighbours, and download your helpful neighbour pack here.