Much of the world has been locked down for several weeks now, with no real sight of when or how social restrictions will end. As a result, we are leading a quieter and simpler life. Our Campaign Manager, Michelle Horne asks us all to reflect on our behaviour in preparation for life beyond Covid-19.


What will be the legacy of this unforeseen time?

Magpie creates change through campaigns for social good. We motivate people to change their behaviour. We can’t force people to change, but we can influence them. And perhaps, this seismic event may just be the catalyst needed to deliver a fundamental impact!

Asking uncomfortable questions that illicit only a yes or no response, is one method. Why? Because discomfort is a response that motivates people to change. For example: “Are you going to exercise regularly?” You may want to be a fit and healthy person. Saying ‘no’ would create discomfort, so to ease that feeling people are more likely to answer ‘yes’. It acknowledges the intention but does it truly instigate a genuine desire to change?

Today’s social event is #ClapForOurCarers at 8pm. We’ll be heading outside with rattles, pans, cymbals to make as much noise as we can to show our appreciation for an NHS and social carers that have been an under-appreciated and under-funded political football for decades.

Q: Will you maintain a friendly neighbourhood after lockdown?

Our colleagues have shared their stories of getting to know neighbours for the first time. No longer are people jumping in the car, rushing to work, shopping, collecting kids, mum’s taxis, social lives and family lives. These relationships are now confined to a virtual world. This new, albeit temporary norm, has resulted in streets getting to know each other. We have the time to be more neighbourly. To ask our neighbours how they are. To know who they are! And to want to help.

Q; Will you (continue to) volunteer to help your local community after Covid-19?

Many people have volunteered! Delivery drivers, scrubbers (a team sewing scrubs to frontline workers), community support for the vulnerable that are completely socially isolating, social media groups to support parents looking for activities to entertain the kids, food bank donators and hundreds more!

Q: “Will you play more with your kids?”

And we’ve had family time – lots of it! We haven’t had trampoline parks, slides, cinemas, bowling, parties, rugby, football, cricket, swimming, gymnastics etc to excite, engage, distract, amuse and tire the kids out. Parents are back to basics! Parents are home schooling, often while still working at home. The weather has been an absolute blessing, Having endured months of rain, Spring arrived in April with warm, dry days that allowed us to get outside and walk, cycle, play and count rainbows

The Big Question: “Would you ‘lock-down’ for one weekend or more a year, to help the planet have time to heal?”

And finally…our environment is beginning to rejuvenate all around us. (Check out Ged’s blog : Climate Change: humanity is the motivation not the planet). We have all been using our cars less, no air travel and walking and cycling more. There’s a long list of questions we can all ask ourselves that would effect a positive change on our planet. Clear water in Venice? Yes! Less pollution? Yes! Less waste? Yes! These are no longer unobtainable concepts. The idea that we can’t really turn the pollution clock back and the consumer cat is out of the bag are no longer true. Our individual actions CAN have a positive influence. When we act together, we can achieve!

Magpie is here to create healthier and happier communities one campaign at a time and so my last question is…

Will your lockdown legacy help create a healthier and happier community?