Today we launch The 20 Minute Movement aimed at people from across Bradford and the surrounding areas, to help them feel better.

Working with Living Well, an initiative led by Bradford Council’s Public Health and NHS Bradford and Craven CCG to reduce preventable ill health, we listened to over 1,800 residents and 36 different health-related organisations, to understand what Living Well meant to them.

People of Bradford district told us they want to exercise more, eat better and do things that make them feel good about themselves.

The 20 Minute Movement is not about the expensive gym or fancy trainers. It’s about the simple things, day to day, that keep you healthy and happy.

Pink 20 minute movement logo showing a stopwatch with the number 20

We’re not the sort of agency to ask people to do as we say. Oh no! Michelle Horne who lives in Baildon and is managing the campaign, has committed to 20 minutes a day and recruited a dozen friends along too.

“We’re all mums who find it incredibly hard to find time for ourselves. I’ve created a private messenger group where we encourage and support each other to get off the couch and do something active each day. That could be walking to pick up that pint of milk, planking during the adverts, squats while we’re brushing our teeth or a quick 20 minute online workout, while the kids are settled in a lesson,” she said.

The campaign breaks down the 150 minutes of recommended moderate activity into bitesize chunks that are easier to achieve.

You could break up your 20 minutes and do something indoors for 10 minutes in the morning and something outdoors for 10 minutes in the evening.

Several local champions will feature online and in advertising to help show getting moving is doable.

Fozia Naseem and her daughter Hanna Ahmed, wanted to show they love to go for bike rides round Lister Park. Fozia said: “The park is the perfect place for a cycle. It’s safe, the paths are really wide and there’s just enough hills to make it interesting without being too taxing. I know it can be really hard to motivate yourself, but getting on my bike with my daughter and having a chat as we ride feels great. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go.”

Fozia with daughter Hanna age 17 cycling in the park. Both in winter coats and standing behind bikes

Deborah and Ross Reynolds from Shipley were a couple who told us they loved to dance in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a kitchen disco? It doesn’t have to be Friday night to turn the volume up! Have a boogie while cooking or doing the dishes!”

All people across the whole of Bradford District can join The 20 Minute Movement at; where you can sign up for regular information and tips, download a social media badge, find ideas to help inspire others around you to join too and get your friends, family and colleagues moving a bit more.

20 different suggested activities, for example Have a lunchtime disco in the living room      20 day motivational progress chart