There was the juxtaposing sense of tranquility and a hard days graft as we gathered around the thick wooden table, Yorkshire tea and dunkers in hand, surrounded by garden tools, outdoor crafts and the smell of soil at Just the Job’s workshop.

Just the Job is a dynamic, inventive charity and social enterprise that supports adults, with a wide range of abilities, in practical work-orientated therapeutic activities.

Providing career opportunities and a safe place to develop new skills, we heard how the organisation has been changing lives since 2005.

The beauty and scale of Just the Job’s North Yorkshire location with its own community garden, allotments and woodland is as moving as the impact the charity has had. From a haven for PTSD recovery to building confidence, overcoming adversity and never giving up, the team here are truly invested in nourishment and growth (in every sense of the words).

We attended to run a workshop to support Just the Job with the development of their campaign tools and marketing strategy but came away with so much more.

As well as putting on seasonal events, Just the Job has a shop, provides gardening services, has an ‘adopt a Christmas tree’ scheme and holds several contracts for their talented workforce. 

We’re proud to have worked with the organisation on the creation of their marketing toolkit and strategy. Anyone considering volunteering or working with Just the Job will find the experience truly rewarding, not because they are a charity, but because they are a credible enterprise, displaying commendable entrepreneurialism. Most certainly an organisation to learn from.

Support Just a Job so they continue to grow. Donate, volunteer, shop or get in touch for more information.