Consumers can’t relate to a brand that’s flawless, and instead are gravitating to those who are flawsome; awesome despite their admitted imperfections.


The idea of bragging about your company’s flaws may seem a strange one, but there’s plenty of sense in letting customers see that you’re real.

Perfect is impossible, desired perhaps but not expected. It’s human nature to be suspicious of people claiming to be perfect. We want to see their flaws, their mistakes, and their wobbly bits. Like people, it’s a brands’ imperfections that make them real and their mistakes that allow us to relate to them.


Admitting mistakes promotes trust, giving brands the chance to publicly fix or flaunt their faults. Consumers can only genuinely connect with a brand they can relate to: a brand without the pretense of perfection.

Flaunting your flaws allows you to be real and awesome: Flawsome.