Employing a student insight team is our way of keeping in touch with the student world to make sure we react to current trends in our marketing. Here are a few highlights from our student team this week:


Following the Oscars we asked students whether going to the cinema is a dying hobby.




Amy told us about Yubl, a new app that combines a mixture of features from other social media apps to allow groups to share ideas and vote to find the most popular. Yubl was used to organise a student house party in Leeds recently where guests were able to vote for a bouncy castle and which DJ they wanted in each room!

We’ll ask the insight team to keep tabs on this app to see if its popularity increases on campus.


Finally, one of our team brought our attention to a bit of packaging innovation from Walkers to encourage sharing. Kristina said the sentiment behind this would make her buy a Walkers sharing bag over other crisps for a night with house mates in front of Netflix.