Knowing students inside out is really important to us at Magpie because it means designing for them in mind becomes intuitive. That’s why our student insight team keep their ear to the ground to let us know what students are engaging with in their day to day. Here are a couple of highlights from what we found out last week:


Facebook know student nature

Our students said they feel like Facebook understands them as an audience and as a user because they have introduced an ‘Interested’ button on events. Now you don’t have to give a definitive answer about whether you’re going to an event or not, instead you can click ‘Interested’ and stay in the loop without the commitment of saying you’ll definitely be there.

Insight: Students want a service that is relevant to their lives in order to feel known and valued as a user.


Top tips for charities with a student audience

We’ve had quite a lot of insight from our students about how charities could engage more with students and we’ve developed our top tips for success for charities in this PDF: