You know when something is innovative when, while you’re using it you think, “How did I live without this?”. Innovations mean increased effectiveness and efficiency and those are two things students value highly. That’s why innovative brands thrive among young people.

Take McDonalds, they just brought out an upgraded version of their packaging which they’re trialling in Europe. It’s the normal bag but the bottom rips off to become a tray. This will change the way people eat and how convenient they perceive McDonalds to be.



Similarly, Coca Cola have put a new spin on the design of their bottle caps, an innovation that they’re distributing in Indonesia. Although British students don’t get to benefit from this themselves, seeing Coca Cola as innovators is putting the brand in a stronger position among young people.


Finally, Instagram has been an innovation that countless students have taken advantage of, the technology to be able to make your photos look professional or presentable, has made uploading pictures to social media both more effective and efficient.

Try to make innovation a part of your brand. Find the things that bug you, that are inefficient or ineffective, and if you can, change them!