Video interviews: the future or futile?

A lot of our Ideas & Imagination Team are in the thick of applying for graduate jobs and with that comes the dreaded interview. But some have been shocked when that interview was not face-to-face. Gino recalled having to hide the boxers that were drying in the background once he saw himself on screen!

So we asked our students whether they thought video interviews were the future or futile.


I think Skype interviews are great. We live in a global world and often opportunities present themselves far away or even internationally. Skype interviews allow graduates to source the best job to fit them without being limited to geographic location. They also mean companies can source the best person as applications will come from all over. I think I would come across professional in a Skype interview as it is similar to real life. On the other hand, in a student house you have limited control of your surroundings so I would probably go to university and book a room to ensure it went smoothly.

I wouldn’t like a robot or interview program as generally I like to put a face to a name. I think big companies may do it to free up resources and time but to me it almost seems lazy. As much as an organisation is in control of who they hire I think recruitment is an important part of knowing if you’d fit into company culture. For me an interview with someone says a lot about the type of person that works there and whether I’d fit in.


Video interviews seem so alien to me. There are so many questions I’d have about the interview, rather than the job itself. Do you still wear a suit? What if the internet connection goes? For me personally, I think face-to-face interviews allow you to really show your personality to an employer, as speaking to a computer screen just doesn’t bring the same level of mutual understanding. Also, I think I would struggle to find a suitable location to hold my interview, as my house is always so noisy and I just wouldn’t be in the same mind-set if I’m sat in my room.

I understand organisations get a huge amount of applications but to use a robot as an interviewer seems really impersonal. Also, interviewers give off cues about the organisation’s culture that can help in your own perspective as to whether the company is suited to you. I can understand Skype interviews if location is an issue, for example if you are applying for a placement abroad, but I still believe face-to-face interviews should be somewhere within the recruitment process as it benefits the decision making of both the organisation and the interviewee.


I personally prefer face-to-face interviews as you can get more of a sense of what the company is like and if you could see yourself there. Also I imagine this is the same for recruiters who are interviewing applicants. I’ve never come across a video interview with a robot but I think I’d find it a bit off putting! The only time I’d prefer a video/Skype call is if I couldn’t meet the person face-to-face – it could also save a lot of time and money arranging to meet them.