Trendspotting #6

As ever our Ideas and Imagination team have been keeping their eyes peeled and reporting back on the latest goings on. They’ve been sharing their influences and inspiration, allowing us to see what’s big right now, and what’s about to take the world by storm. Here are the top trends our team have come across when trendspotting this summer…

The Future Has Arrived

The fear that machines are replacing humans no longer seems far-fetched as drone models take fashion shows by storm. Dolce & Gabbana cast drones to show their handbags, sending them hovering down the runway in Milan’s Fashion Week earlier this year. But it’s not just high fashion blurring lines with hi-tech, as delivery companies are getting in on the fun too.

Chinese company unveiled a self-driving truck, along with their plan to open 100 unstaffed stores throughout 2018, and in Estonia robots are taking to the streets to deliver parcels. When it comes to display and delivery, are drones the new norm?



Backlash to Trash

With plastic waste an ever-growing issue, and one which literally won’t disappear any time soon, the last few months have seen a more visible move away from plastic. What started as a mass boycott of plastic straws has given rise to awareness-raising sculpture, and an Island created in protest.

Crafters with a conscience are bringing a new meaning to make do and mend, as they reduce, re-use, and re-invent. Oklahoma are amongst retailers stocking an impressive range of upcycled goods, and inventive home décor reimagined from plastic washed up on beaches.

5 tons of plastic waste became a 4-story whale for the Bruges Triennial, and unlikely eco-hero Lad Bible teamed up with the Plastic Ocean’s Foundation to found The Trash Isles. This award-winning plastic-trash-backlash is arguably the most powerful anti-plastic movement to date.

Become a citizen of the Trash Isles?



(In)disposable Content

Snapchat stories are old news as disposable content finds itself at home in the real world. Bringing a new meaning to fast fashion, Weekday’s Zeitgeist collection features a limited edition t-shirt on a weekly basis. The content is hyper-relevant, reflecting current culture and showcasing the hot topic of the week. With content as disposable as a weekly paper, the t-shirts are often irrelevant as soon as they sell-out, but a million times more covetable. But with throwaway fashion a growing issue, can we ensure that this new ilk of ephemeral content is filling wardrobes, not landfills?  Dressing in an of-the-moment headline is a bigger commitment than an update to your social stories and the limited print run and time frame add exclusivity. Perhaps this combination can give disposable content longevity in the real world.




With the sun shining so intently, few of us think twice before settling into a beer garden and cracking open an icy cold beverage. The appointed season of cider, summer drinks are often sparkling, and notoriously sweet. In recent years, gin has become a firm favourite, as our preferences lean toward a more botanical beverage. This summer sees a new flavour take our fancy as bars, beer gardens and bottle shops pay testimony to a home-grown hero. Tart and tangy – a welcome addition to sweet ciders, equally enjoyable in beer, and gin’s new partner in crime – rhubarb is taking summer by storm.