Trendspotting #4


As ever our Ideas and Imagination team have been keeping their eyes peeled, reporting back on the latest goings on and what’s influencing and inspiring them, allowing us to see what’s big right now, and what’s about to take the world by storm. Here are the top trends our team have come across when trendspotting this Summer…

Novelty Inflatables

From flamingos to unicorns, and pineapples to pizza slices, the novelty inflatable scene has really blown up this year. The humble rubber ring has had quite a revamp, taking on new forms, and an upscale, as grown-ups want a slice of the pool action too! With fruity accessories and overgrown pineapples, watermelons and kiwis, pools are beginning to resemble fruit bowls. Swimwear is taking a tropical turn too, (although not all of it appears to be designed for actually swimming in) and celebrities are joining the party with their own ranges of poolside lingerie. With larger-than-life novelty inflatables the most coveted holiday accessory, posing poolside with an air-filled unicorn is the sure-fire way to ensure you’re making a splash this summer.


Apps to Pack

Packing for your next trip? We see the appeal of leaving the phone at home, switching off and leaving your day-to-day life behind. No temptation to check emails, bank balances, or have a cheeky look at your Facebook feed. After all, who cares about the day-to-day when you’re off to see the world? You’ll be far too busy immersing yourself in different cultures and discovering new things! But, before you zip that bag closed, think about sneaking the smartphone back in there, because, as well as making calls, taking pictures, and updating statuses, a phone enables you to hail a cab, get directions, and see a doctor from anywhere in the world, all at the touch of a… touch screen.

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Travel Conscience

We’re developing more of a conscience it seems. With documentaries like Plastic Ocean and Cowspiracy, young people are thinking more about their choices, the effect their actions have on the planet, and on the other people who live on it. And this extends to travel. We’re becoming more aware of the effects of tourism, of corporate giants in small communities, of inhumane behaviour, and, more importantly, of how we can step in. The current traveller is aware of the power they have as a consumer and is wiling to put their money where their mouth is, do something about it, and benefit the communities they visit.

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Working with Wanderlust

Quit the day job and get paid to see the world. That’s an opportunity that any self-respecting millennial with wanderlust would jump at. Number one on the dream jobs list, but a reality that seems a very distant unlikelihood as graduates head to their first real world interview, the rain-splattered British streets a far cry from the waterpark in The Bahamas that keeps cropping up on their Facebook feed. Believe it or not, there are ways that travel can pay for itself though, and there are real people who have found ways to work and travel.

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