Trendspotting #3


As ever our Ideas and Imagination team have been keeping their eyes peeled, reporting back on the latest going ons and what’s influencing and inspiring them, allowing us to see what’s big right now, and what’s about to take the world by storm. Here are the top trends our team have come across when trendspotting this Spring…

Festival Dress

Festival get-up has always been a bit out-there. It reflects the fun-filled atmosphere, chance to let your hair down, and to generally have a ball. But festival fashion has evolved – once a representation of the era, mirroring high street trends, with added flamboyance, creativity and a chance to recycle fancy dress. Now festivals are influencing the high street, generating summer style and encapsulating the season’s trends. Fashion brands stock clothes that would only be fit for festivals (when else would your wear a sequined rainbow playsuit…?), H&M have a ‘Coachella’ range, and ‘Festival’ is now a season, not just an event. For some, festivals have become as much about the fashion as they are about the music, with a new festival wardrobe being a must. But with ‘glitter boobs’ taking a feature spot in this year’s wardrobe line-up, we think we’ll stick to our plastic ponchos and worn-in wellies.

Trendspotting - Festival Dressing

Fitness: From Fad to Mainstream

If you thought the fitness thing was a passing fad, think again. We’re getting more and more health conscious it seems. Regular yoga is no longer reserved for the devout hippie – everyone owns a yoga mat now, and a NutriBullet. Food brands are using protein content to promote their products, and fitness junkies are sharing their pre-prepped meals online. With fitness now the in thing to blog about, it seems your workout counts for nothing unless you share it. As being fit and health conscious is now the norm, the original health fanatics are having to become more extreme if they want to stand out… beetroot latte anyone?

What does this mean for a seasoned gym-goer? Emily, our resident fitness fanatic, explains the pros and cons.

Trendspotting - Fitness: From Fad to Mainstream


Feminist Messages

Not since the days of the Spice Girls have feminist slogans been as prevalent in fashion. From ‘The Future Is Feminist’ to ‘Dump Your Boyfriend’, a new generation of Girl Power tees are sweeping the nation. And (surprisingly?) men are keen to jump on board, with feminism becoming a wide-spread trend in fashion as well as a movement to get behind.

Trendspotting - Feminist Messages



It’s not surprising to see parks, terraces, and beer gardens over-spilling the minute the sun starts to shine, or queues for ice cream vans as the temperature spikes. Aldi have done something that our team have witnessed at no supermarket before – they’ve combined the two things that Brits go crazy for as summer hits – a refreshing ice lolly, and an ice-cold alcoholic beverage. Their G&T ice-lollies are a hit with our team, and another example of Aldi striking gold.

Trendspotting - Cheers

Rainbow Pastels

Mermaid hot chocolate, rainbow cupcakes, unicorn poop ice cream… ‘You are what you eat’ couldn’t be more apparent than now, as this colourful food fad is influencing fashion. Facebook is filled with rainbow hair, teens are aspiring to become unicorns, and the high streets are stocking a colourful array of pastels for Summer. In food and fashion, rainbow pastels are where it’s at.

Trendspotting - Rainbow Pastels