Trend Predictions for 2017

Magpie are always one step ahead, looking to the future, on the hunt for the next big idea, so with 2016 drawing to a close we turned to the students on our Ideas & Imagination Team to make a few predictions for 2017.

What’s big now, that is only going to get bigger next year?

  • Vegans
  • Virtual reality headsets
  • 90s nostalgia
  • Festivals abroad
  • Glitter!

What would you like to see/ see more of in 2017?

  • Return to books – bookshops
  • Free wifi everywhere especially on trains
  • Depop
  • Music apps with great rewards: I’M IN gives you the chance to win tickets as well as buy them
  • Snapchat geofilters – great for events
  • Bitmoji – things that allow personalisation/customisation are a hit at the moment

What’s big now, but on its way out?

  • Yik yak is dead! They ruined it by getting rid of animosity – now it’s optional, but it’s too late!
  • Big Les show – it’s been rinsed
  • Silver puffa jackets – look like Dr Who Cyber Men! Hate them!
  • Deliveroo – growing public resistance to casual employment methods
  • Unrecyclable paper cups