Toblerone vs. Trump

Do students care more about chocolate than politics?

Two big names battled it out last Tuesday, on the day of the US Election. Across the Internet, for 24 hours, Brits troubled themselves over the shock result of the ‘Brexit Toblerone’ and later Donald Trump.

On the BBC, ‘Toblerone change’ topped the news chart ahead of the US presidential race. On Twitter, #Toblerone and #Trump swapped places at the top of the trending list. And in Tesco, Toblerone chitchat was ringing through the tills ahead of the presidential race.

So, with the fate of the ‘free world’ at stake – is chocolate really more important than politics? Emotional students certainly thought so.

One student did say politics was more important, because it “affects the price of my chocolate”.

Since the announcement, news outlets have responded with ‘ways to make your own Toblerone’, tips on using the new Toblerone as a toast-rack, and shock reports on the Toblerone boss’ £100m wage packet.

The chocolate drama has touched all [three] sides of society. Nonetheless, the Toblerone change is more immediate, and closer to home; hence the trauma. As one Twitter user remarked: ‘can Trump make Toblerone great again?’