Trendspotting: Make Your Summer Ball a Sell-Out!

We’ve been talking events with our Ideas & Imagination team to find out what will make your Summer Ball more sell-out than wash-out. Read on for insight into design, promotion, and what it takes to make an event unmissable.


From Bestival’s sign to Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage, from Coachella’s Ferris Wheel to the I Amsterdam sculptures, we’re suckers for a landmark! Pick something unique to your event and make a feature of it. If it’s instagrammable, yay, and if you can use it to feature on design and during promotion, even better!


Go Large

Our team are bombarded with event advertising and gone are the days when flyering relentlessly was the only way to let students know what was going on. Grab their attention with something they can’t fail to notice. If a billboard is out of reach, try an oversized paste up, big banner, or up the level of gamification and hide event tickets for your audience to find.


Design Trends

This year’s design trends celebrate experimentation and imagination. Scratching, splashing, ripping, or marking – however you choose to ‘ruin’ the design is only seen an improvement in 2018. Playing with colour channels to create a distorted reality is also popular, and, in the world of digital design, the glitch effect is sought after. For design in 2018, imperfection is key.



Fancy dress has it’s place, a rite of passage for Fresher’s across the country, toga-ing up or dressing as a superhero while they get the jagerbombs in. Your themed event, however, needs to be more coherent than a society pub crawl. It should be considered, appropriate, and consistent throughout – from planning, design and promotion, to the ambience of the event itself. Add glam and glitter and you’re on to a winner. Desert Island Disco anyone?


Event I.D.

Whatever the theme or style of your event may be, our team are all in agreement that it needs a strong visual identity, brand, and roll out to stand out on campus and make an impression in social feeds.

We’ve seen more and more students organise their own events, from charity fashion show’s to society balls and end of year parties. It’s becoming a real battle for their engagement. The best way to get buy-in from your audience? Co-creation. Involve your students every step of the way, from planning to creation, to give them a sense of ownership and pride in their end-of-an-era celebration!


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