5 Ways To Get in The Christmas Spirit as a Student

Christmas is the time of year to spread love and joy with family and friends, as everyone gets the opportunity to catch up over the festive period. This time of year is typically full of parties, dinners and Christmas shopping. Whilst the general public celebrate, students are trying to balance deadlines with festive celebrations and a negative bank balance as the term comes to an end. However, the essence of Christmas does not have to be forgotten – Amy’s come up with 5 ways that you can celebrate, whilst meeting deadlines and not descending further into your depleting overdraft.

#1 Christmas Dinner With Your Flat
Everyone knows the more people you cook for the more pennies you save, and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get all your mates round for a festive dinner. If everyone brings something to contribute to the meal, you each only have to learn to cook one thing and all end up with a slap-up meal that will definitely impress your mum on Facebook.


#2 Make Your Own Snow
The weather in England is always so temperamental, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a white Christmas. It’s easy to make your own snow, all you need is corn flour and shaving cream and you’re all set to build your own Olaf in the comfort of your living room. Take 900g of corn flour and a can of shaving cream (add peppermint and glitter if you’d like!), then mix together in a container and chill in the freezer for ten minutes. There you have it- you can build a small snowman or, if you have a really generous landlord, make more and arm yourself for a snowball fight.

#3 Secret Santa
Secret Santa is the perfect solution if you want to exchange gifts but are on a tight budget. To prevent any foul play make use of technology like drawnames.com and participants will receive a digital invite telling them who they’ll be buying for. Make sure you set a spending limit and, for added hilarity, choose a theme, or have a prize for the Santa who finds the most fitting gift.

#4 DIY Gifts
The end of term is looming and you are officially skint. Whilst you know your mum deserves the world, all you can afford is an old Take That CD. Now is not the time to despair – but instead get creative. Pinterest is your best friend – it’s loaded with thousands upon thousands of do-it-yourself Christmas projects, and there’s something for everyone, from those aimed at the humble beginner to those aimed at the creative genius! Plus, your dad totally loves hand made things – he still uses that bookmark you made in reception.

#5 Avoid a Christmas Nightmare
It’s easy to get over-excited at Christmas and forget all those ‘adult’ things you might need to do. Before heading home, make sure you’ve emptied your fridge of perishables, locked your house and turned your heating right down- a huge heating bill is not a nice start to the New Year. Also, keep quiet – don’t announce all over social media that you are leaving for Christmas – student houses are a prime target for burglars at the best of times, and even more so at Christmas when they are renown for being empty.

Have the most amazing Christmas – hopefully these hacks will help you get in the Christmas spirit and avoid a Christmas nightmare!