A brand that smashes it with millennials

We asked our Ideas & Imagination team to give an example of a brand that absolutely smashes it with millennials. Rhys tells us why Palace ranks so highly:

Palace are a strong brand due to several aspects across their marketing channels that I believe are undervalued by many other brands.



As you can see from the video above, Palace’s promotional videos are humorous in the sense that they mock the ‘usual’ adverts, which tend to be overly serious and dramatic.

However, this approach is not solely used in their videos. Palace also apply humour to their clothes descriptions, examples of which I’ve seen shared on social media due to the fact the that these descriptions are pretty much unheard of in this market, and involve relevant millennial content and current slang.  See the example below:


palace 3

I tweeted a picture of a description back in May 2015 as I found it really funny and it referenced a popular song at the time.



Another great quality of Palace is their selective use of celebrities. They rarely get celebrity endorsement, and only with those who share similar interests as the brand.

This is a video they made with Jonah Hill (a well-known that lover of fashion, regularly wearing Palace in his films without requests from the brand). This went viral to some extent, as, again, they used humour to appeal to their audience:



Palace also has the following of a great number of hip-hop artists, including Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, further adding to the brands ‘cool’ factor.



This ‘cool’ is exaggerated by Palace’s decision to make limited amounts of their clothing and shoes, meaning there’s a great disparity between supply and demand – ultimately resulting in items selling out on their website within seconds, and people queuing for hours outside their only store in Soho, London. This idea of a degree of exclusivity appeals greatly to people of my age – it seems that everyone wants to have clothing/shoes that other people can’t get, allowing them to create some form of personal individuality.



Palace regularly collaborates with other brands to create new lines of clothing and shoes. The brands they collaborate with tend to be British (e.g. Reebok) and Palace frequently reference British youth culture, pop culture, and slang as well as having a strong visual affinity with the British flag and colour palettes of red, white and blue.



Their collaborations also branch out to music – Palace teamed up with the UK record label Trilogy Tapes, for a limited edition 12″ vinyl with Theo Parrish in 2014, with a follow up late last year featuring Omar Souleyman and Rezzett. This greatly appealed to me as a consumer as it showed Palace going beyond their usual business activity, pursuing, and acting on, their genuine interests.