Must-have brands of student life

Last week we asked our Ideas and Imagination Team to highlight their must-have brands. They took photos of their fridge, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe and desk to show us the products they can’t live without.

Must-have brands of student life:

Heinz – Any other brand of ketchup and beans just aren’t the same and ‘big soup’ is amazing!

Apple – The perfect study partner

Quorn – The vegetarian’s best friend

Nutella – The student spread of choice

Lurpak – The only butter to buy

Doritos – They do crisps and dips like no other

Coco Pops – Nothing says childhood nostalgia, or turns the milk chocolatey, like a bowl of coco pops

Red Bull – It goes hand in hand with studying

Nike – Their trainers are the best

Philedelphia – Because it’s great on bread and makes a mean pasta sauce


must-have brands