How to succeed at a campus takeover

Last week on campus we had a Missguided takeover at the Guild, which included lots of fab reduced-priced clothing, candyfloss (and lots of it…) and a photobooth (trust me, we took a lot of pictures!).

The day was a huge success; it was the talk on campus during the week so we expected a lot of people to be there although we didn’t anticipate the queue when we got there. It literally felt like a mile long! My housemate and I waited approximately two hours in line and it felt like we’d won the golden ticket by the time we finally reached the entrance…

We both got a few nice things, however we were lucky as there was a twenty minutes in and out policy and we weren’t able to try anything on – it was definitely worth it though!

The Facebook page was really successful in promoting the event as a lot of people at University were invited to it and they could also share it to their friends. They also had their own Snapchat filter, which proved to be really popular with students, especially with the long queue!

What was also great about the event was that all proceeds went to charity (Girls Out Loud) so it felt great doing our bit and getting some clothes in the process. They also gave us ‘squad cards’ which entitled every person to 30% off their next shop, which I think is a good incentive to encourage people to carry on buying off their website even after receiving the discounted clothes.


Another popular event that happened on Campus this week, which was similar to the Missguided one, was Soap and Glory’s event. This included a double decker bus, lots of great free goodies and also a sign up to a Beyonce-inspired dance class led by Theio Maddix! You could also enter a competition to win a VIP top-deck experience, which included hair braiding, make up tutorials and free glass of champagne.

Although this actually wasn’t as big as the Missguided Sample Sale (probably because Missguided already has such a big student following and the incentive was definitely the reduced clothes), it was still a great event to get the brand out there and it was also a really positive event as it was all about making you feel empowered and great about yourself.

This followed on nicely this week to Body Positivity Week at University, I’m not sure if the ambassadors would have known about this but it was definitely very fitting!


I think if a brand has a student offering the way to a successful campus takeover is to take inspiration from Missguided and Soap and Glory. Students need to experience the hype of an event through social media build up and unique experiences. They love free food and they love to feel like they’re doing good while receiving something that will benefit them. And finally, they need a little incentive to become a returning and loyal customer like discount!