Health and Fitness Trends

Over the last few years we’ve seen a growing trend in conversations and participation relating to health and fitness. Whether it’s going gluten free, getting soya milk in your Starbucks or downloading the 30 day squat challenge, we’ve seen a definite rise in engagement with this topic.

Whilst working with our students on our Ideas and Imagination team, we also noticed that there may be a difference in attitudes between older millennials (25-30s) and younger millennials (18-24) regarding health and fitness so we set our students and studio staff a health and fitness questionnaire to try and identify where the difference lies; let the battle commence!


We found that even though our Ideas and Imagination Team only has 7 members, they beat us in every arena. It may be that our students are particularly health conscious or disciplined, but from the way they talk about health and fitness and their approach to healthy eating, it seems clear to us that younger millennials in general are engaging with healthy living.

We believe this is a millennial market to watch and expect more growth for healthy restaurant, gym, nutrition and fitness clothing brands.