Five reasons why students love Halloween

After recovering from their Halloween weekend, our Insight team told us why students love Halloween:

Creativity and competition: They love how creative you can be with your outfits, how you can dress up in a way that you can’t really do any other time of the year. Kristina said she loved the competition element of seeing who can be most creative. Katie said this year she noticed a trend of wearing scary contact lenses and was also admiring people coming dressed as emojis because of how inventive that was.

Social media: Students love catching up with social media at the best of times but our Insight Team said they love browsing Instagram and Facebook at Halloween to see what friends have been up to and what they’ve dressed up as, and love showing off about their celebrations.

New experiences: It’s all about social connection for students and they said Halloween is a great way to have new experiences with friends and to make memories together.

Events: Everyone is out at Halloween so students said the events that are on are better than your average week. Students’ Unions and places in town try to stand out to attract more custom and because of this competition, everywhere is better. In Birmingham, students attended nights like The Haunting at Rainbow Warehouse, Nightmare on Broad Street and Dia De Los Muertos at Ouse, being extremely popular this year.

Tradition: Students love the tradition of Halloween, they love the nostalgia and reminiscing about Halloween as a child. Kristina said that pumpkin carving is still a massive part of her Halloween because of the sentimental feelings it brings up.