From fad to mainstream: the pros and cons from a fitness fanatic

There’s no doubt that the fitness craze has grown – now no longer a fad, health and fitness is becoming the norm. Emily, our resident fitness fanatic, explains what this means for a seasoned gym-goer like herself…



Low cost gym membership. With the ever increasing number of people looking for a great low cost gym, gyms are now fighting to get their numbers up. Cue crazy cheap deals and gyms that try to get all the latest equipment in, at a fraction of the cost for you! You can join a gym for as little as a tenner a month now – that’s pocket change!

Similar to the low cost gym membership, supplement companies now have to deal with the rise of new companies trying to beat their prices. So the cost of supplements has never been so good for the consumer. You can get all the protein and gains for a fantastic price!

If you were the only one out of your friends before who was interested in fitness, now you’ve got people to chat too! Now that more people are getting involved in the fitness world, more people will find the HIIT workout you did last night, or the squat personal best you just got, pretty interesting.



Everything is a “source of protein”. All fitness fanatics know that protein is the holy grail of nutrients to fuel your gains. However, many brands are now jumping on the protein bandwagon by labelling foods as a “source of protein”. Even a bag of crisps was spotted recently with this label, when in fact this bag had 4g of protein per pack. Compared to the average protein content in a chicken breast (around 30g), 4g is miniscule. So, if you’re after a substantial source of protein, make sure to check the nutritional information.

The business of the gym. Last year 1 in 7 people had a gym membership, and new gyms aren’t opening fast enough to accommodate this ever growing number. This means, for the people that are dedicated to the gym life, they have an ever increasing busy gym to deal with. Although, it can’t be anything as bad as the post Christmas rush..

In a way, the weight you lift has now turned into a competition. People are always throwing around “so what can you bench?” or “whats your squat PB?” without realising that everyone is different and what may be a personal best to someone at 1 rep could possibly be someone elses warm up! Everyones achievements should be celebrated as at the end of the day, fitness isn’t a race – it’s a journey!