Christmas Trucks

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions, but Gino takes a tongue-in-cheek look at a new one that’s rolling into town…

Christmas Trucks

Only one merrily miraculous flying machine will grace the night-sky of the Christmas season, and it isn’t Santa’s sleigh. What is usually ‘a large, heavy road vehicle used for carrying goods’ undergoes a festive transformation, complete with lights and jingles. ‘Holidays are coming’ plays in your head as the truck arrives as a new yuletide icon.

It may not have eight magical flying reindeer, instead eighteen road-worthy tires, yet the truck transforms the lowly car park at this time of year. No longer the place to park your car, but the fairground for Santa-selfies and lashings of Coca-Cola – surely this is too much fun to have in a car park? Although fighting for a picture with Santa could be remarkably easier than the battle for the final parking space.

Cadbury have joined Coca-Cola, and also loaded-up on the truck-fest, with purple lorries rolling out of Bourneville to compete in the car-park entertainment stakes.

If only someone would put a stop to “Truckmas” and show a red light to LGV entertainment.