The 14th of February is the day of love, and we’ve noticed a lot of brands jumping on the Valentine’s Day campaign train over the past couple of weeks. Here’s a pick of campaigns that we love (and ones we don’t) to celebrate love in the air!


Head over Heels

Papa John’s say ‘I love you’ with heart-shaped pizza

We all know that food is the key to the heart, but Papa John’s have taken this one step further in order to create the ultimate Valentine’s feast food. You can choose any of their classic pizzas with the option to upgrade to a heart-shaped base, because whether you’re having a night in with someone special or celebrating GALentines, nothing quite says romance like a cheesy heart-shaped pizza.

Morrisons take pride in their colourful bouquets

Morrisons have been spreading the love ahead of the 14th February with the launch of their rainbow rose. Not only do these flowers look incredible, but the idea was introduced in partnership with LGBTQ+ youth homeless charity The Albert Kennedy Trust to celebrate love in every sense of the word. With proceeds of the sale of the roses going to the Albert Kennedy Trust, everything’s coming up roses!

Not Feeling It

Give your partner the gift of Poundland

They say that you can’t put a price on love, and this couldn’t ring more true for Poundland. Their tongue in cheek gift of ‘nothing’ has been met with a social media uproar for its hugely wasteful use of plastic. The plastic heart-shaped packet, branded ‘The gift of nothing – exactly what you asked for’ has left people outraged and this definitely won’t be an item we’ll be buying any time soon.

Following on from the release of their £1 engagement rings, Poundland is hoping you’ll say ‘I do’ this Valentine’s Day. But is this a match made in heaven? We’re not so sure…

M&S ask those three little words: Love sausage anyone?

Some say it with flowers, others with chocolate, but M&S say it with… sausage? M&S is another UK supermarket joining in with the love-themed food this February and have introduced a food item laden with innuendo for the special day. The ‘love sausage’ comprises of two huge Cumberland sausages bent into the shape of a heart, with a space in the middle for you to crack an egg or two…romantic right?

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