We have just embarked upon another creative and inspiring Vision Day, setting plans in motion to become even more effective, creative and knowledgable for our clients.


Every year Magpie hosts ‘Vision Day’, an away day to bring our team together for freethinking, collaboration and to plan our vision for the year ahead. The outcome is a set of targets to aid us in our ambitions.

This year’s Vision Day was hosted at the Google Digital Garage space at Leeds Dock, a great futuristic setting for looking forward to 2017.

We have decided to make some exciting and bold changes this year and our vision is centred around three key objectives:

  1. A highly successful agency
  2. Unquestionable expertise
  3. A great place to work


Vision 2016-17: What’s New?


Expert Sector Teams

Our new Expert Sector Teams are made up of Designers and Client Partners working in partnership to understand their sector like no other whilst delivering a tailored and efficient service. Clients will have dedicated resource for their briefs in these areas so that our knowledge and creative adds maximum value.

We have launched a new structure that results in every single individual having the tools, support, responsibility and resource needed to succeed. Our core three teams are:


Education and Discovery

Providing expertise for our clients including universities, museums, discovery centres and galleries.


Millennial Brands

Providing expertise for our clients including upcoming brands, high street and online retailers, challenger brands, energy companies and convenience brands.


Health and Behaviour

Providing expertise for our clients including Public Health England, NHS, community trusts, charities and volunteering organisations.


In addition to our Expert Sector Teams, we also have Specialist Support Teams. These are:


Ideas and Imagination

A new team of thought-leaders and visionaries who develop and deliver on ideas for campaigns and concepts.


Technical Innovation

A team of digital experts who can bring responsive thinking, online platforms and digital solutions to our sectors.


Plans have been set in motion, having already launched our new sector and support teams. In the next 6 months, we expect our new vision to be fully operational and we are confident that this will add more value and expertise to all of our projects.



The team arriving to the venue on a water taxi after collecting clues that led them to their new Sector Teams and secret venue



Give us a clue: the teams were all coordinated to our venue by following a series of challenges



The scene was set for a dramatic entrance; a feature presentation showing footage of the year gone by


Vision day planning image

Hard at work: putting plans together for the next 12 months in order to achieve our vision