How would you change the world? What would you do with 48 hours to rock the public sector? That’s the positioning of GovJam, a co-creation event that will take place from 22-23 October, proudly sponsored by Magpie.

Leeds GovJam is part of Global Service Jam, which started in 2011. Leeds welcomes delegates to use, and learn about, service design tools to address a global challenge. Delegates will share expertise and learn from each other as they work together to define problems, design solutions and test ideas.

With attendees from NHS, Home Office, Councils, Arts Council, DWP and various public sector organisations, the event will be hosted next door to Magpie’s office at ODI and is open to everyone. It isn’t a theory course, it’s about doing, not talking; showing, not telling. Apply a rapid, human-centred approach, come up with creative ideas and develop skills you can apply in your life and work.

Magpie Cofounder, Gerard Savva, says:

“We selected this event because it completely aligns with Magpie’s mission. We believe that the greatest campaigns and the optimum service design can only be created through idea hacks and with co-creation.”

Associate Director, Catherine McGrath, adds:

“We are delighted to be sponsoring this brilliant initiative, taking place right next door to Magpie’s studio at the Open Data Institute in Munro House. Of course, we’ll also be taking part!”

What is it all about?

It is all about applying the tools, techniques, and mindset of service design to the public sector. You don’t have to be a designer, work in the public sector or even government to get involved. If you are curious about learning by doing and making things better for people, everyone is welcome. We welcome you whatever your background is, or wherever in the world you are.

What happens?

Jammers have 48 hours to work together in self organised teams, problem-solving through service design (making something that is socially useful and human-centred). Despite working to a tight deadline, jams are a playful, fun and safe space to try out and learn new things. Plus you get to meet some awesome people and loads of support from amazing mentors to support you on the day.

Everyone gathers on Tuesday to discover a global theme, which is kept secret until jams all over the world have seen it. They split into teams and work together through Tuesday and Wednesday to design and prototype new services inspired by the theme. At 3pm on Wednesday, everyone shows to the world what they’ve made and shares their work online with a Creative Commons License.

You can get your ticket here.

We hope to see you there!