Jules Caton is Associate Creative Director at Magpie.  Here she talks a little about what brought her to Magpie and three recent campaigns she’s helped design during lockdown.

I have always been inspired by art, artists, designers and the world of creativity. I’ve worked with many ‘brands’ over my 30 years as a designer and love how an amazing item of print, a beautiful advert or brilliant design would fill me with passion and enthusiasm. They can really connect and engage with people.

Personally, I am still very proud to be included in The Best of British Packaging for my cornflake packaging designs.

CORN FLAKES with 6 added vitamins and irons BREAKFAST BISCUITS










Mine is not an unfamiliar journey for many people in the creative industry.  My experience became less about purpose and problem solving through colour, shape, message, print and beauty.  It morphed into performance, targets, timesheets, spreadsheets, new business leads, securing existing business and figures. 

When I joined Magpie over 10 years ago, I craved a return to my design roots.  Great design, art and creativity can change and help to save the world. It can transform lives.  Do good.  Make a difference. These principles have always been at the heart of Magpie and for me meant leaving the cornflakes behind and designing for communities.

Most recently, three communities like:

Bradford District. Working with Bradford For Everyone we are about to launch a campaign about shared values which unite and bring people together. Using the principals of behaviour science together with creativity to structure our approach and create change, we will encourage people across the District to Protect, Respect, Share and Care for each other.

Bradford District Shared Values



Hoyland. Working with Barnsley Council to celebrate Hoyland high street is smoke free. Commissioning artists to create paintings and large-scale murals that express the spirit and character of the town and people. Creating events, graphics, displays and packs that draw attention to the fact that 96% of people do not smoke on the high street. Demonstrating social norms in action to encourage people to make healthy lifestyles choices.

Ben Mosley


Barnsley. The communities we try to support always have the answers.  Taking the brave step to ask the people of Barnsley about their pandemic experiences, we helped Barnsley council ask residents about government guidelines and how to stay safe, protect others and help the area to recover and bounce back.  We found over 9 in 10 of people are already playing their part – we just needed to keep supporting them. Sharing real stories and helped to reinforce positive behaviour show how everyone can continue to play a part in keeping Barnsley safe.


At Magpie it is inspiring to work on projects that have a sense of purpose and genuinely can help to change behaviour, transform lives and make an impact. The journey from Cornflakes to Communities has been long and is only getting more interesting.