Amy, a first year student at the University of Leeds and a student brand manager on our insight team asked her friends what they wished they’d known before their first festival experience. Here’s what they said:


Offer a few beers to your neighbours and make friends with them, it’s worth having neighbours who’ll look out for your stuff when you’re not there and be respectful with their litter – Amy, 18


Take an old or cheap phone, at least one of your group will lose their’s – make sure it’s not an expensive one – Amanda, 19


The most costly tent isn’t necessarily the most waterproof, read reviews – no one wants to wear soggy clothes all weekend – Jack, 20


Don’t put a lock on your tent; it’s like a flashing sign to thieves saying there is something of value in there. They’ll just slash your tent so the lock is pointless – Matt, 19


Don’t forget to eat; if not it ruins your experience because you will crash. You can try and save money by taking food but often you spend the day in the arena so at least budget for buying convenience food once a day even if it’s just cheesy chips – Sophie, 18


Bin bags are your life – bring them. You can use them to keep things organised in your tent and they ensure your things stay dry if your tent leaks. They have so many uses, you can stuff them with clothes to make a pillow or they can even act as an emergency waterproof – Izzy, 19


Don’t bring a wheelie case, it doesn’t work on mud  – Abbie, 19


Go and see the artists you want to see, don’t conform to the group because you’ll regret it, but always arrange a meeting point – Christian, 19


Always have a browse of the OXFAM store, they’re at most festivals and they sell layers really cheap to stop you becoming cold and it’s all for a good cause – Kate, 18


Take toilet paper with you everywhere, it’s a game changer and can be used to barter with – Hannah, 20