This summer we hosted our first national ideas camp, a one day event at Beaudesert Campsite, Staffordshire. Our insight leaders and other students from across the country got together to enjoy live music, food, drink, bonfire, marshmallows, sun, games and insight activities.
It’s one thing getting insight through our usual network but we wanted to launch an event where we could share the same space with students, gather insight in creative ways and fully immerse ourselves in a giant sized ‘University Game of Life’.

The day got off to a great start with the students from around the country getting to know each other, we then started collecting insight for the day. With a student opinion based lawn game, chalk board table and conversations on trending topics we went away with knowledge that will impact our work and strengthen our relationship with students.

Students provided us with insight on latest technologies.
We created a giant ‘University Game of Life’. Izz reads questions for debate.
 It was great to have the students together and we can’t wait to run another event of this kind.