Recently, we had the pleasure of working with 12 start up businesses at the University of Hertfordshire’s Enterprise Centre.

Our journey started with a branding and exhibition exercise we ran at the Flare Bootcamp weekend. Here we consulted on each of the businesses marketing plans, issues or needs followed by a creative session whereby we looked at exhibition displays.

Similar to a website, an exhibition stand is a place where you really need to convey your brand messages so they are clear and concise.

First of all we set each business up with an exhibition board, pens and paper and then we got them to think about their key brand messages and the ‘three-second rule’. As a group we took three-seconds to pass by each of the mock stands and gave feedback on what we digested from the display.

Over the next couple of months we allocated five hours to each of the businesses in order to do further consulting and bring their mock boards to life in time for a real exhibition which took place as part of their Enterprise Awards Dinner.

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