Whether we’re brainstorming our next big idea, conducting on the ground research for a new project, or visiting our clients – it’s never a dull day at Magpie. Today, Soraya tells us about a typical day as a web developer. 

Moving image of Soraya with halloween make up flashing on and off her face.
Hello, I’m Soraya, and I’m one of the web developers at Magpie! As part of the digital team I take the websites, emails, quizzes and learning resources our designers imagine and bring them to life. I make sure every website we produce is polished and technically accurate as well as ensuring we create the best possible user experience. This involves a lot of testing on tonnes of different desktop, mobile and tablet devices. 


You’re most likely to find me…

At my desk, the first one you see when you walk into the office! Probably working on a website or an email, usually with a coffee.

The best part of my day is…

Looking at the work I’ve done and seeing how the website looks in the browser. It’s a great sense of accomplishment!

Not your usual day in the office…

Whenever one of us has a birthday, it’s really sweet how thoughtful the gifts are, and see the smile on the birthday person’s face. I have a Star Wars desk hoover – it’s great!


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