Kristi spinning on a chair in the snow.

Whether we’re brainstorming our next big idea, conducting on the ground research for a new project, or visiting our clients – it’s never a dull day at Magpie. Today, Kristi tells us about a typical day as a member of the Ideas & Imagination Team.   

Hi I’m Kristi, I’m a part of the Ideas & Imagination team. Our job is all about brainstorming ideas for new campaigns and then promoting these messages across Leeds. My specific role is curating social media content for various clients as well as interacting with local areas directly to help us bring our campaigns to life!




You’re most likely to find me.

Probably scrolling through the social media accounts of one of our clients while googling for exciting content and images. I always make sure that we understand our client’s objectives and tone of voice and try my best to search through the depths of the internet to find great content that excites me and our target audience of course! When I’m not writing content, I’m travelling around Leeds, talking to locals about our campaigns or gaining insight to help with future projects.

The best part of my day is…

Finishing a beautiful Instagram feed or Facebook content plan is my favourite thing ever! I also love hearing people’s kindness and enthusiasm for our campaigns whilst I’m out promoting them in Leeds. It’s a strong second favourite!

Not your usual day in the office…

At Magpie, we do a lot of crazy things in the name of great content! Once we dragged a massive hand-shaped chair outside to take videos of us spinning on it in the snow.

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