A Day in the Life: Eleanor

Whether we’re brainstorming our next big idea, conducting on the ground research for a new project, or visiting our clients – it’s never a dull day at Magpie. Today, Eleanor tells us about a typical day as Campaign Manager.  

As Campaign Manager I oversee our campaign ideas and implementation, working closely with the Ideas and Imagination team. I also pull together our Trends publication and plan creative events.

You’re most likely to find me…

Up to my knees in campaign materials! It’s great to see an event come together, but behind the scenes there’s a lot of planning, set-up, and carrying awkwardly-shaped objects. Rule one of a successful campaign – make sure your materials fit in a taxi!

The best part of my day is…

I’m a fan of festive fun and a dodgy Christmas jumper, so Christmas party prep, or seasonal ideas for projects, are right up my street.

Not your usual day in the office…

From discussing ideas to planning events, every day is different. Inflating giant balloons, painting props, handing out cheese toasties, constructing a bedroom in a students’ union…. You name it, I’ve done it all.

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