Day in The Life: Anna

Whether we’re brainstorming our next big idea, conducting on the ground research for a new project, or visiting our clients – it’s never a dull day at Magpie. Today, Anna tells us about a typical day as a designer.


Hi I’m Anna and I’m a designer here at Magpie. The main part of my job role is to produce inspiring, exciting and engaging concepts and designs – for branding, campaigns, design and digital. We help clients to achieve their goals by providing creative solutions to the problems that they come to us with. The other part of my job role is to nurture the design team – so I’m always looking out for any resource needs and making sure the studio is well equipped to meet them.



You’re most likely to find me…

Creating designs that match my outfit! I believe it’s better to start designing on paper, so I always start by sketching in my layout pad before I move ideas on to the computer. If I ever have a creative block, I get my layout pad back out – switching my mouse for a pencil always helps me find the answer!

The best part of my day is…

Getting a new brief, especially when it’s a rebrand! I love having a variety of projects, but branding is my favourite thing to work on. I find figuring out what that brand stands for, and how it wants to be perceived, really interesting. When you create a brand, you make the rules and you don’t have follow anyone else’s. I like starting with a blank canvas – I think these are the best kinds of project, and when I feel I work my best.

Not your usual day in the office…

If I’m not busy designing in the studio, you may find me art directing a photoshoot – running around Durham for example, and making sure I tick off all the images I need for their next advertising campaign! It can be busy, but it’s fun – and I’d much rather be busy than bored!

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