Whether we’re brainstorming our next big idea, conducting on the ground research for a new project, or visiting our clients – it’s never a dull day at Magpie. Today, Josh tells us about a typical day as an account executive.   

Josh and Pete drinking a smoothie.

Pete and I enjoying fruit during our Magpie Wellbeing Week.

Hello, I’m Josh and I’m the account executive at Magpie! As part of the client service team, I predominately work with our clients who are in the education and charity sector. This includes working across various university departments, students’ unions, education charities for maths, science and learning outside the classroom, historic academic societies, land-based FE colleges, city-wide health and academic partnerships… the list goes on.

A simple way of explaining my role is that I take client briefs, assemble a project team of all the skills I need to deliver success, and then manage the project through to completion.



You’re most likely to find me… 

  • At my desk, headphones on, answering emails, writing briefs and building project plans.
  • In various locations around Yorkshire and Hertfordshire meeting clients over a cuppa.
  • In Fettle (a Scandi coffee shop down the road) doing some focussed and creative thinking!

The best part of my day is…

Seeing strategic ideas that were once just words spoken in meetings, come to life and become creative pieces of communication that are out there in the big wide world.

Not your usual day in the office…

When a magician came over to my desk and blew my mind with some insane card tricks! I just don’t get how he got THAT…. IN THERE!!!

Josh and Helena watching a magician perform a magic trick.

Mind-blowing magic.