Yesterday we made our Leeds Digital Festival debut with our interactive workshop, Curveball Co-creation.

The main aim of the event was to encourage co-creation with the audience during digital projects. Three of our student staff made up the audience panel that the attendees were challenged to collaborate with, inviting their feedback and criticism throughout the creative process.

co-creation with the audience



Our attendees were tasked with designing digital solutions to student problems while having to deal with any curveballs that were thrown at them to change the brief.

curveball co-creation


The teams came up with brilliant ideas; from a money management app to a website that revolutionises the way students shop for and combine different ingredients. Most importantly, they took the audience’s feedback on board to create successful solutions that suited their needs.

presentation after co-creation

Curveball Co-creation went down well, the ideas were a hit with the students, and we hope that the attendees can include co-creation with their audiences in their future digital projects.