The recent news that English schools are cutting back time, staff or facilities in creative subjects has caused a stir – and in some cases- outrage, across the creative industry this week.

We asked our Ideas and Imagination Team member, and Graphic Design student, Flynn about his experience studying creative subjects throughout school.

Image of multicoloured bananas.

When did you know you wanted to go into the creative industry?
It was never really a conscious decision for me, my parents are both artistic and it was always something I enjoyed doing and was quite good at. Even going through school doing other subjects, I always just assumed that I would go into a creative industry, as it’s always been what interested me most, since I was tiny. My parents have always taught me that work is something you need to enjoy. 

When you were at school/college, how do you think creative subjects were viewed, compared to traditional ‘academic’ subjects?

I was aware that art was viewed as an easy subject to do, but this was always by people who didn’t do it. Going into creative subjects wasn’t hugely looked down on at my school as the art department was fairly visible and the standards were quite high. Although it was sometimes seen as a ‘soft subject’ as it didn’t have an exam or essay.

Do you feel you had enough of an opportunity to develop your creative skills whilst studying before university? 

There was a decent amount of opportunity, gallery visits and trips abroad being quite standard for most years. The art department stayed open until 6pm most days, both with and without teachers, and they were always very helpful in teaching new methods, from casting to screen printing and pottery. There wasn’t really a defined direction for your work, you were given a subject then you decided the processes and outcomes, which was quite freeing compared to the heavy structures of maths or languages. 

What is the usual reaction you get when you tell people you’re studying graphic design?

The reactions at uni have overall been pretty positive, people are interested in what it is and what I do. I haven’t had anyone being negative yet. I think it’s how you sell the subject, if you’re interested or passionate about something, it affects how people see it. 

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