COVID-19 update

Updated 09/04/20

Whilst we always work to ensure the information on our website is up to date and accurate, the COVID-19 guidelines are changing rapidly. Please bear with us if there is a delay in our updates.

With the UK continuing to put measures in place to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, we have put contingencies into action to ensure that we remain responsible and resilient for you during this period and in the future.

We know how incredibly hard our partners and communities are working over this challenging period and we would like to offer a big thank you. We understand that the landscape you work within has dramatically changed and that you are having to make difficult decisions on a daily basis.

What hasn’t changed is Magpie’s shared commitment to making a difference to people’s lives and we continue to work collectively to deliver our mission for healthier and happier communities.

In order to ensure we remain responsible and resilient for our clients and communities we work for, now and in the future as of the 14 April, part of the Magpie team will be taking furlough leave. We will be operating with a small team of key staff working safely from home to deliver projects that are essential to the health and happiness of communities during this challenging time. This will be expected to continue until the end of May.

During this time, we will still be able to advise on the strategic direction of projects, respond to proposals for future work and service a small number of projects we have already committed to.

Throughout our decision-making, the open and honest talks we have had with the Magpie team have demonstrated strength and resilience and understand these measures are vital in order to continue our mission of healthier and happier communities, a mission they will all be continuing in a voluntary capacity personally when furloughed.

Our office number and opening hours will remain the same. However, we will also send out alternative phone video conferencing numbers / to reach some team members.

Insight and co-creation are key to our campaign approach. We have adapted quickly and increased our use of online tools for gathering insight and working collaboratively.

Any questions or feedback that you have is very welcome. Please contact our founders or

We hope you stay safe and well and keep looking out for each other.