Every four years, 32 teams take to the world’s stage to compete in arguably the most anticipated sporting event in existence – the FIFA World Cup. Along with the rest of the nation, our eyes were glued to the screen as we eagerly watched the three lions reach the semi-finals, only to be pipped to the post by Croatia. However, it wasn’t just the football we had our eye on. The tournament was the perfect opportunity for a content marketing campaign…

By Alex Gaskin.

With big sports events comes excitement, and with excitement comes gambling. ‘Sports betting is worth up to £625 billion per year, with 70% of that trade reckoned to come from football.’ Whilst some people may be seasonal event gamblers, it’s not the case for everyone; ‘about 430,000 citizens in the UK can be identified as problem gamblers.’

With World Cup fever well underway, the risk of gambling spiked. In turn, we were commissioned by Leeds City Council to develop an existing campaign into content marketing to raise gambling awareness and promote support services available. We congregated, popped our thinking hats on and created phase two of our original Beat the Odds campaign.

Our insight suggested that betting is both spontaneous and reactive, so it was a no brainer to follow a similar behaviour pattern and take a content marketing approach using social media. Through risk assessment, careful monitoring and maintaining high reactive levels, we could successfully plan a campaign around a live event with an unpredictable outcome.


A content marketing approach allowed us to effectively measure our success throughout. We plastered carefully crafted content all over social media for the duration of the campaign and had instant access to post performance and analysis. The best bit about it was, that if something didn’t work as well as we had expected, we could easily change and tailor our approach to maximise our campaign results.

Social media instantly unlocks a massive target audience for your campaign – one that’s available at any time or place. Through strategic advertising, we were able to access our specific target audience with ease.

As a result of our approach, our tweets were viewed 99,900 times throughout the campaign and we generated 3,428 clicks through to online support services.

When people think ‘campaigns’, they tend to think of billboards and posters. As campaign experts, we know these traditional methods are still great ways of getting your message across, but sometimes so much effort goes into these that content marketing gets left behind. It’s time to view campaigns differently, give social media some TLC and give your campaign the recognition it deserves. You’ll be able to measure your campaigns in more depth, tailor your approach as you go and get instant, unfiltered access to your target audience.


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