To mark the launch of our Trends publication – a compilation of 2017s biggest, best and most bizarre trends – we’ll be releasing one a day in the countdown to Christmas. Trend six, Clean Eating.

clean eating

As an agency, our tactic for attracting students to join our student forums and focus groups was once the lure of a free deep-fried lunch. Now though, the promise of houmous, avocado or falafel bring the young crowds flocking.

Our health conscious, environmentally aware millennials are eager to splash out on Happy Eggs and Graze boxes to give them (comfortably) full bellies and that earth-friendly, fuzzy feeling. Much better to try out the newest vegan restaurant than indulge in yet another cheeky Nando’s?

Whether it’s meat-free, dairy-free, protein rich or organic, the younger generation are doing their bit to care for the planet, and their bodies while they’re at it… beetroot latte anyone?

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