Above: Behind the scenes at Change for Good with host, Kim Somerville, Managing Director at Magpie

Our Change for Good micro-conference series concluded with a webinar focusing on promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. Over 100 people signed up to the webinar with a range of organisations joining us from:

  • Lots of local authorities such as Bradford, Doncaster, Birmingham, Maidstone, Dartmoor, Hertfordshire, Wakefield, Kirklees
  • Educational institutions such as University of Leeds

Special thanks to all of our expert speakers on their insightful talks and to the audience for your questions.

Here is the live recording of the webinar:

Some of the links mentioned in the webinar are here:

  1. Make Sure It Adds Up
  2. Speak Up
  3. Oxfam Inclusive Language Guide
  4. CIPR Diversity Resources

You can also watch our previous webinars from the series:

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Climate Change
  3. Reducing Poverty

Our Change for Good webinars are simply about sharing case studies of work from a range of people, all who have the mission of changing lives for the better through creative behaviour change. It’s also about testing and learning stuff out in the open. If you ever want to contribute, think we could do this better or would like to share your work – please let us know.  

Have you got a creative brief or a behaviour change challenge you want to discuss?

We’re offering a free 30 minute consultation session to support you and colleagues with your challenges and priorities related to changing behaviour for social good.  We tackle challenges such as: low stakeholder engagement on projects; injecting innovation into communications; reaching seldom heard groups; scoping behaviour change interventions.  If you would like to have an informal follow up meeting with one of our founders, directors or consultants please contact our Managing Director kim.somerville@wearemagpie.com 

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