Our unique, first-of-its-kind Insight event came to town on Wednesday 27th April! Brand Circus, our spectacular pop-up was designed to capture the minds of students and give us insight and ideas on how brands can become more student-loved. We set up our big top, bouncy castle and bunting along the main path through Hyde Park to catch the attention of students on their way to and from the universities. The sight of the circus and lure of rainbow bagels drew in the crowds, despite the April showers (and hail!).

We were inspired by the insight and ideas that came from the attendees. Here are the attractions that helped us collect our insight on the day:


Brand Contortionist

Students picked a brand from the box and told us how they would contort that brand to make it student-loved.


Brand Strength Test

Contestants took the hammer to strike the strength test with as much effort as they thought the brand deserved.


Fortune Teller

Students described a brand until their opponent guessed it from the description they provided.


Ringmaster’s Main Stage

Participants joined our Ringmaster and gave opinions on the brand main stage, with the option to crack the whip at brands, send them trampolining or feed them to the lions!



All attractions were created to give us insight into students’ perceptions of different brands and develop ideas to help these brands, and those similar to them, strengthen their position in the student market in the future. We are buzzing from all the ideas the students brought on the day and will be publishing a full report of all of our learnings from Brand Circus very soon – to request a copy, email hello@wearemagpie.com.