Vision Day
Each summer we leave the nest, to celebrate the year gone by and gain new inspiration for the year ahead. We share ideas, discuss our vision, and make plans for the coming year. We share our highlights from this year, with “My favourite part of Vision Day was…”

I loved the free writing session with MC and poet Andy (Testament). It was great to feel completely free and unfiltered to throw all my ideas at a page and see what stuck! I definitely want to continue writing in this way.

My favourite part was hearing about the many amazing people the team chose to speak about who had ‘changed the world’. Hearing team mates speak so passionately about the people they look up brought a tear to my eye! It was really inspiring.

Mine was people who changed the world presentations! Loved how different they all were and how inspiring it was to hear and see.

Seeing the potential of what everyone can achieve when we challenge ourselves. After the Mind task I thought, “wow, we did that!”

Walking through Leeds town centre with a melon, and carrying a huge HELLO…  I found the challenge very challenging (!) but was really pleased (proud…) of the outcome and the way everyone worked.

The challenge was taken up by every single person with genuine positivity and such a ‘can do’ attitude – I was blow away  – and the collective achievement in raising that amount of money in just 180 minutes – wow!

Mine was just all of it!! But my highlight was getting that free digital billboard advertisement for Mind, it felt like such an achievement and also when we co-created and wrote the Magpie manifesto together, I loved it!

My favourite part was the last session with Andy (Testament). It really got me out of my comfort zone and showed how we can produce something amazing when we are put on the spot!

Mine was seeing a mock up our charity advert on the billboard.

I found it really inspiring to be in our new (yet-to-be-refurbished) studio, and loved sharing our weird and wonderful ideas to create the new Magpie manifesto.

Fusing our creative brains together to raise £1,184 for MIND charity and co-creating our manifesto, collaborating as a team.

Vision Day Vision Day Vision Day Vision Day Vision Day