When Aston SU approached us about their rebrand we knew that there was no other start point than insight. We needed to understand what their students thought of their old brand and where they wanted to go with the new one.

The feedback was that their old brand was dated and worn. It was compared to a greasy fry-up in a sleazy diner or the awkward feeling you get at a school disco. Nice.


So what did Aston students want from their new brand?

Fresh. Modern. Simplistic. Welcoming. Open.

So with constant feedback from our insight team and checks on Aston campus, we created a rebrand that everyone’s proud of. The ‘A’ is representative of a house with its doors wide open, signaling people to come inside and experience all the amazing things that will happen there. At the same time, this was designed with triangular shapes that compliment the University’s geometric icon. The result – a contemporary and relevant identity.