Eleanor has been working on Magpie’s campaigns and managing our promo and brand activation teams since 2010. Here she reveals her secret to campaign success…

“A top tip, and our behind-the-scenes secret, is to make everything car-sized. When you’ve been on your feet for 10 hours and you’re trying to persuade a taxi driver to fit your entire event in the backseat of his car, you’ll be wishing that life-sized cutout was a little less life-sized.”

When planning for a campaign there can be a lot to coordinate. The campaign materials, marquee, a last minute print delivery, the 5ft inflatable alien – getting it all together is one thing, but getting it there…

A top tip, and our transportation secret, is to make everything car-sized. When you have different teams out in different locations, it’s not always possible to provide every one of them with a truck. If you’re lucky, you may be able to persuade a man with a van (or a colleague with a car) to help you, but unless it’s an actual tardis don’t push your luck. And remember, everything that you manage to squeeze in has to be squeezed out and transported at the other end.


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